Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve made every effort so that ordering and creating a Photo Storybook for your client is as simple and straightforward as possible. Our customer service department is always here to help. For the most commonly asked questions, you can find answers below.


In the marketplace, there are times when a product appears that redefines the rest, sets the bar higher, changes the game. The Photo Storybook goes beyond the traditional photo album in a number of ways:

  • The personal, individual and emotional aspects
  • Artistically crafted in a fine art style DIY-ers can never replicate
  • This groundbreaking product can define you from the competition
  • You can build sessions and packages around the Photo Storybook
  • It doesn’t have to replace a photo album, but it can
  • Perfect as a First Anniversary wedding gift, affordable for a couple no longer concerned with wedding costs who want to remember their wedding in a special way
  • Mementos – actual, precious keepsakes; such as invitations, written vows, postcards and letters – can be elegantly incorporated into the book
  • Each book’s graphic layout is unique, individually created within the general framework of one of our three signature design styles

There is nothing else like the PS I Love you Photo Storybook.


What are the distinguishing features of the Photo Storybook?
What is the difference between a press print book and a photographic print book?
How long do the books last? Do you use archival papers?


For an overview view of the process, see how it works.


What are mementos?
Why can't I get a photographic print book with mementos?
How are the mementos submitted for inclusion in a Photo Storybook?
What happens to the mementos that are not used in my client’s Photo Storybook?


Do I have to do anything as far as writing the story for the book?
How do your writers write the client’s story?
Are PS I Love You Photo Storybooks all different and original designs?
How many pages do Photo Storybooks have?
How many photos should I send?
How do I send my photos?
Can I send additional photos after I initially submit them?
Do you adjust the photos for color, etc?
Can I design my own Photo Storybook?


Do I have to register to order a book?
How do I pay for my PS I Love You Photo Storybook?
Do you keep my credit card on file?
How long will it take to create my Photo Storybook?
Do I have to order online?
After I’ve ordered my book, can I make changes to the order?
Will I get the chance to approve the layout before printing?
Is my order returnable?

Shipping and Returns

How is the book shipped?

Our Guarantee

What is your guarantee?

Through the lens you capture the moments that matter.
On the page we reveal the heart of the story.